HELLO! from our Equine Assisted Learning Team & Friends!!


Western Winds Equine Education has a wonderful team of people and horses to faclitate and teach everyone of all ages. Whether its in the arena during a program or greeting you as you arrive, you are sure to see an encouraging face.


Jennifer Monk



Jennifer is our owner, founder and main facilitator for Western Winds Equine Education. From the time she was a little girl, horses have been an important part of her life. She has always been drawn to them and loves working with them every day. She has certificates as a Veterinary Medical Assistant and as a Equine Assited Learning Facilitator. Jen also holds a membership as a part of the St. Johns' Ambulance Pet Therapy Team.


Throughout her life, she has often felt the comfort of being around animals and desires to help others work through fears and gain confidence with people and horses; whether it be for personal growth reasons or to further their education of horsemanship.


Jen has learnt her horsemanship skills from studying Californian Horse and Mule Trainer and clinician Jerry Tindell and his methods of horsemanship. She strives to become a versatile horsewoman able to teach new or experienced equine enthusiasts the basics of horsemanship and give them a solid foundation of the safety and understanding needed for a successful partnership with our four-legged partners.



Nickname: 'The Appie'

Breed: Appoloosa

Color: Grey Blanket

Birthday: June 26, 2001

Favorite Pastime: Spending all day, everyday eating hay.

Fun Fact: Dusty loves to pulls wagons!


Nickname: 'Bobbit the Hobbit'

Breed: Haflinger

Color: Palomino

Birthday: unknown (about 23 yrs old)

Favorite Pastime: Hanging out in the pasture

Fun Fact: Bob has almost no front teeth!


Nickname: 'Link'

Breed: Quarter Horse

Color: Bay

Birthday: May 2001

Favorite Pastime: Being with his favorite mare

Fun Fact: Link was a reining horse!

Teaching till the end....our teachers of the past.


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