Sometimes the most encouraging thing, is to hear from those who have already been!

"My daughter has attended the Youth Life Skills Program as well as taking Riding Lessons with Western Winds Equine Education. We have nothing but good things to say about Jennifer and the programs she offers. We have watched our daughter's confidence grow through the program and she has so much fun. She has learned so much from Jennifer and coming to her lesson is her favourite part of the week. Jennifer is professional and great with kids and adults. Awesome."

                                               -Amy Bratland, Hythe AB, 2015

"I've noticed a huge change in my daughter and how she acts around her own horses as well as her brother since taking the Youth Life Skills Program."

                                        -Mark Wood, Beaverlodge AB, 2015

"I am glad I have taken the time to build my confidence on the ground before riding. Now I have no fears to start riding!"

                            -Shannon Backmeyer, Wembley AB, 2016

"I've learned if you relax, the horse will relax."

                                              -Ryan, age 9 LaGlace, AB, 2016

"We have loved our time with Jen
She had brought us into a new level of understanding and contentment in and around the horses and the atmosphere is so peaceful and restoring to the soul."

                                        -Kimberly Talmey, Woking AB 2017

"I highly recommend it!!! My son started out scared of horses and now LOVES it. And my daughter always knew she would love it. They have gained great skills during the class!

                                               -Emily Lorezon, LaGlace AB 2016

"Before Chevy passed away, I rode him, and enjoyed riding him. Riding Chevy brought me a lot of joy , and I will miss him and miss riding him. When I ride bobbit the hobbit I feel the same way( happy and joyful) when I rode Chevy....

Chevy will be missed. Thanks for being such a good teacher and being fun to ride with Jen."
                              -Arris Trottier, student since summer 2015

"Jen, I would like to also say a huge thank you for what you have taught both my girls. The difference is huge, you've taught them confidence, riding skills and most of all you make it fun and challenging."

                                           -Cindy Trottier, Hythe AB 2016