Choosing a program that is right for you or your child is an important decision. We offer many programs avaliable to all ages and skill levels. Our programs offered are open to everyone and have NO prerequists; such as horse experience, or ability. We aim to work with participants to achieve their goals no matter where they lead!


Safety is our #1 priority in all of our programs!


Remember: All of our programs are offered to adults and youth! The whole family can join in too by participating in a Life Skills program to make family communication better and more successful!


**Please note: The Youth Life Skills and Adult Programs are two separate programs geared for both youth and adults, however they do cover the same curriculum. (Both of these programs make an excellent stepping stone for anyone interested in horsemanship or riding programs.)

Equine Assisted Learning Opportunities...

Youth Life Skills & Adult Programs= 8-108yrs

Equine Assisted Learning is a proven program that encourages youth  and adults to step outside their comfort zone and learn life skills. By working with a horse vs a classroom, participants are able to learn by doing which creates a deeper understanding of basic life skills. This is the only Nationally Recognized Equine Assisted Learning Program in Canada. Which has been specifically created to maximize learning potential and focus on developing each individuals life skills as they work through obstacles with a horse and partner.


By working with a partner you will:


  • develop relationships

  • accept accountability and responsibility

  • overcome barriers to accept change

  • be encouraged to be creative and innovative

  • find opportunity in working as a team

  • realize the benefits that come with effective communication

  • recognize the value of mutual trust, respect, and personal integrity

Learn to Ride

Congratualtions!! You are now able to begin riding safely and confidently!


After completing the Beginner Horsemanship Program you are now equipt with the knowledge to begin riding. In Learn to Ride youth and adults will learn how to apply all of the skills learnt in our two previous programs (Life Skills and Beginner Horsemanship) to being their riding journey. Once aboard a horse they will use their understanding of the horse while being guided through safe riding techniques.


Through riding, participants experience:


  • a new found freedom and confidence

  • self-esteem

  • opportunities to make decisions

  • a bonding relationship with horses and people

  • a fun outdoor activity to share with friends

  • basic understanding of trail riding etquitte

  • knowledge of safe riding procedures

  • lasting memories!

Beginner Horsemanship

Once graduated from our one of our Youth or Adult Life Skills Programs, you can begin to understand more of how a horse thinks and acts by learning to work on the ground with them. These lessons will take place in a round pen or arena and will use many of the skills previously learned. By learning to be aware of what the horse is saying through body language, we are able to work with these amazing animals as a team.


This program will aid participants in:


  • re-enforcement of the previously learned life skills

  • confidence around horses

  • a basic understanding of how the horse thinks and why they react they way they do

  • preparation to learn to ride

  • building relationships

  • self-esteem when working in different situations

  • a general awareness of the world around them

Corporate Workshops

Team Building and Leadership Development


We are focused on assisting you in finding your teams hidden potential! Learn to build your co-workers up to being a confident and productive team by taking a 1-day Team Building and Leadership Development Workshop.


You will:


  • Experience first hand the importance of being a postive and encouraging leader

  • Create a bond with your co-workers to maintain a positive and healthy work enviornment

  • Allow your team to grow individually and as a group throughout the day

  • Instill lasting skills that will aid all business personal to making a long term change


The benefits of empowering your co-workers:


  • A positive, healthy and fun work enviornment

  • A more open minded attitude to working through business situations

  • A higher confidence throughout your team

Your 1-day Workshop includes:
  • A workshop tailored to your specific needs

  • Lunch and snacks

  • Program follow up

School Groups
Grades 2-12


Do you have students who cuoud benefit from a out-of-classroom experience? Do you need a new, exciting way to instill common sense, teamwork, and self-esteem?

This program is PERFECT for them!

Our Equine Assisted Learning Program encorporates 6 21st Century Skills that are being taught in schools and has been used be researched at the University of Calgary, University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan. It is a proven program to get kids engaged in lessons, both in and out of the classroom, and the hands-on activities help with faster recall of skills learned.


Benefits of the program are:


  • higher self-esteem and confidence

  • understanding of the importance of a postive decision

  • understanding of the power of body language

  • the chance to do something completely new and fun

  • learn empathy, compassion and healthy communication/negotaition skills


This program will benefit every student who is willing to try it and is guaranteed to change their lives and improve their interpersonal skills!

Available in 6 week,
12 week, 
1-day Intensive sessions, or half day fieldtrips. Please contact us to schedule. 

This could be

YOUR class!

Contact US to schedule today!!