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Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located?


We are 3/4 km west of Hythe, AB at the Leaning Ladder Ranch.


Do I need my own horse?


Nope, we have our own unique herd of horses that are excited to meet you!


Do I need tack/helmet?


Nope, we supply everything you will need. Wear clothes you arent scared to get dirty and have fun in. Closed toed shoes and long pants are a MUST!










How much does it cost?


Life Skills Program=$660.00 for 6 & 12 week program

Beginner Horsemanship=$40.00/hr

Learn to Ride=$40.00/hr

Corporate Workshops=please contact

School or Group Programs=please contact

I already know how to ride, do I have to start in the Life Skills Program?


No but it is a great stepping stone!

Whether you choose to take the Life Skills program before or after starting Horsemanship and Riding Lessons it will benefit you in how well you communicate with others and give you a higher confidence level to face all sorts of life situations.

I dont like working in teams, can I work individually with a horse?


Working in team makes you get out of your bubble and try new things. Its not scary, its just fun and new!

Why horses?

Horses have a way of getting through to people when other people can't. They don't judge, lie, or pick favorites; there is no fooling them. By being themselves and reacting to people the same way they react to other horses. They can bring to light unnoticed behavior and body language the participant demonstrates; making it clearer to the facilitator on how to challenge the particpant into success and self discovery.

How is Equine Assisted Learning different from other programs?


We are a program that lets the horse do the teaching. Our facilitators are trained specifically to look for openings during the weekly sessions to assist participants in reading the horse and their partner.

How many are in a program?


There can be as few as 2 and as many as 4. If you want to organize a weekend educational event for your kids please contact us.

Do I need experience with horses?


Nope, you don't need any experience!

What if I'm scared of horses? Should I still do this program?


Absolutely! if you are ready to face your fear of horses to learn new things, challenge yourself and have fun, our Life Skills Program is for you!


Do I have to continue onto the other programs after I complete the Life Skills portion?


If you just want to learn our Life Skills thats perfectly fine! Each program is its own, individual, complete program with different skills based on your goals. There are NO prerequists for any of our programs!


Is there a payment plan option?


This program is geared for all who are interested in bettering themselves and improving their communication, leadership, and teamworking skills, no matter the financial situation. Please contact us and we will work a payment plan out! No one with interest will be turned away.


Can anyone take this program?


Yes! Anyone with a desire to learn and grow between the ages of 8-108 yrs with a interest in horses or an interest in bettering themselves is welcome to sign up! We will mirror your commitment and determination no matter which program!

Can adults take these programs?


Absolutely! Any one willing to learn and better themselves is welcome to participate.

Parents, Teachers, Business Owners, Grandparents, Childern, People who have never even touched a horse.....these programs are all for you! No goal or dream is too big if you are willing to achieve it!

Still Have Questions?

Contact us and we'll help you out!

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