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Team Building and Leadership Development Workshop

Leave your hestiations at the door!
Frequently Asked Questions:





How is a working with a horse going to help my business?

Horses go off of people's body language and emotions. If we are nervous, they get nervous. If we get bold and aggresive, they get alert and reactive. Everything we do when working with a horse plays back to us as the handler and what we were feeling. Through this knowledge we are able to visibly see where each of us needs to improve. Maybe its our communication skills so we stay safe. Maybe its our temper and needing to learn to breath and calm down BEFORE reacting. These skills will make and employer become someone people WANT to work for and make employees confident enough to make suggestions and feel that they are a part of the big picture.


Why should I empower my employees?

By empowering your employees and giving them the opportunity to become more confident both at work and in life, you will in turn have better customer service/public relations which will increase your productivity and maximize your profit. Employees may have ample knowledge of the service or product, and they may also have hours of experience making the products sell; but they may lack the skills as to how best market the product or service to the target audience in an effective, personable manor. Skills learned at our workshops include clear communication, active listening, understanding of body lanuage, compassion, working cooperatively as a team and so much more! By experiencing an Equine Assisted Learning Workshop you will find that participants will learn to reevaluate themselves, make necessary improvements, and become a tighter knit group who will collectively work toward the same end goal.

Why should I become a better leader?

Becoming a better leader does not say you were inadequate before, it is simply allowing yourself to grow to become even more effective and efficient. Employees want to feel as though they are part of the team and by taking our Equine Assited Learning Team Building and Leadership Development Workshop you are encouraging your leadership to take a positive step forward. Employers who are compassionate, empathetic, respectful, and understanding of their employees will reap the benefits of higher sales equalling an increase in profit all while encouraging a happier, healthier, more positive work environment. A boss that encourages growth and healthy change is one who admits that no one, including themselves, is perfect or has all the answers. Once this is realized and understood, the motivation and cooperativeness of employees will increase.


What does the 1-day intensive workshop look like?

In our 1-day intensive workshop you will be asked to accomplish multiple obstacles by working in a team of 2 + 1 horse. At each obstacle there is a clearly stated objective you must achieve while working through the challenges. Areas needing improvement within yourself will be brought to light during these challenges. You may learn that you dont communicte as clearly as previously thought or you dont pick up on small body language cues early enough. Every situation you will find yourself in during the workshop has direct application to a real life business or personal circumstance; therefore solidifying and encouraging lasting change and improvement.