About us

Equine Assisted Learning is a proven program to help youth and adults learn life skills that apply to real life situations. By using the horse as the teacher, participants are able to work together in a team of 1 horse, 2 people to overcome obstacles set up by our facilitators.


We have come to understand that in todays day and age of social media, kids are going through life with little understanding of how to cope with bullying, abandonment, and stress. Our program offers participants the tools to learn how to navigate through life's many challenges by becoming more aware of their surrondings; this is where the horse comes in. By working with horses kids begin to pick up on subtle changes in the horses body position, allowing them to read situations and act accordingly.


By using the ratio of 1 horse to every 2 kids we are able to inspire indivual developement, reduce anxiety and promote team growth. We are able to partner with schools, counselling agencies and families allowing us to work together to help kids work through past life obstacles and prevent future situations from getting the better of them.


Equine Assisted Learning is practiced in the BuildingBlock Method and is recognized through the Equine Assisted Learning Network. This program has Master agreements with the Calgary Board of Education and has worked with Mount. Royal University.


Tamara MacKinnon is the orignial founder and cooridinator for the Equine Assisted Learning programs. Created by her, she has paved the way for this program and showen its proven results and benefits. To the right is a video and link to her website.


Kari Fulmek and Carolyn Charles learnt from Tamara and now are helping anyone with a passion for horses and people achieve their dreams! Located in Strathmore, AB, they run Faciltator Certification Courses and provide Youth Life Skills, Bullying Workshops and Coorporate Workshops all under the Equine Assisted Learning umbrella. To the right is a video and link to their website.